21st Century Awards for our Schenectady Branch


Our Branch was one of the top 10 Branches for Total Contributions to the following funds:
AAUW Funds
Public Policy Fund
Legal Advocacy Fund
Leadership Programs Fund
Unrestricted AAUW Funds
EOF Contributions
* Top LAF/Evvie Currie Giving Circle Contributions
* Membership Special Recognition for a gain of up to 10%
* 21st Century Silver Program Award for the Black History Month Presentation
* 2015-2016 Voter Registration and Education Award
* Educational Opportunities Fund per Capita Contributions
* Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF) Star Branch
* Newsletter Award of Distinction
* Website Award of Distinction
* Visibility Award of Merit
* Leadership: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow Essential Eleanor Award


We were one of the top 10 Branches for Total Contributions to the following funds:
Eleanor Roosevelt Fund AAUW Funds,
Public Policy Fund
Unrestricted AAUW Fund
Legal Advocacy Fund
Total Leadership Programs Fund
Spare Change for Change Initiative
* Top LAF/Evvie Currie Giving Circle Contributions
* Membership Special Recognition
* Consistent Effort to Educate Members about Public Policy issues through the Branch Newsletter
* 21st Century Bronze Program Award for the Cuba Presentation
* 2014-2015 Public Policy Impact Grant Awards: Common Core Education Award
* Voter Registration and Education Award
* Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF) per capita Contributions
* LAF Advocacy Fund Star Branch
* Newsletter Award of Merit
* Website Award of Distinction


Marketing the Mission Award  for outstanding overall branch programming – Platinum Award
AAUW-NYS Public Policy “Star Branch” Award – Silver Award
Public Policy Awards
Equal Pay Day Action Award
Best Use of Op-Eds
Best Use of Newspaper Education Articles
AAUW Funds – One of the top ten Branches for total AAUW Funds Contributions, Eleanor Roosevelt Fund (Research) Contributions, Leadership Programs Fund Contributions, Public Policy Fund
Communications and Visibility Awards
Awards of Distinction:  Website, Newsletter, Social Media, Visibility (based on the website, newsletter and social media)


Once again the Schenectady Branch has been recognized by AAUW-NYS.

Awards will be listed soon.


Overall Programming – Platinum Award 

Education Program                       

1st Place – Schenectady County Literacy Event

International Program

2nd Place – Empowering Women Around the World:  NYS My Sister’s Keeper Initiative

Public Policy

Voter Education Campaign Award

Taking Action Award

Newsletter of Excellence Award

My Sister’s Keeper Honorable Mention

Communications Trailblazer Website Award

Legal Advocacy Fund

4rd Place – Total Contributions

8th Place – Per Capita

Star Branch per capita for $5 or more per Member

Educational Opportunities Fund

7th  Place- Total Contributions       

Eleanor Roosevelt Fund – Contributing Branch                       

Evvie Currie Giving Circle  – Contributing Branch

Total Contributions – 5th Place

Special Recognition of our Members

Emerging Leader Elise Russo

50-year Members – Emily Hart and Nancy Walden

25-year Member – Jennie Pennington and Faith Weldon

Educational Fund Named Grant Honorees 

           Karen Huggins and Gail Karl 


Faith Weldon – winner of the AAUW Art Contest

Elise Russo – The new AAUW – NYS International Affairs Director

Robin Eddy and Elise Russo – The new AAUW-NYS District IV Coordinators



Overall Programming AwardPlatinum Level

Individual Programs


2nd Place:  Are You on the Road to Healthy Living?

3rd Place:  Energy Sources for the Future


3rd Place:  Voices of the Women of Afghanistan

 Women’s Issues

3rd Place:  Women Leaders in Academic Medicine

Public Policy Voter Education Campaign Award

Public Policy Taking Action Award

Newsletter Award

Award of Excellence – Highest level award

Emerging Leader 2011:  Arlene Maranville

EOF Named Gift Honorees:  Pam Haller and Gerri Pinkerton