New and Ongoing Projects

  • New and Ongoing Projects

    SAT Practice Test – Our branch partners with The Princeton Review to give SAT Practice Tests to high schoolers.  All test takers are then eligible for for a follow-up consultation to go over area strengths and where more study could be used before taking the official SAT Test. Offered last year

    Branch Scholarships given to:
    ~  a graduating Schenectady High School female going to a 4-year college.
    ~  a graduating Schenectady County Community College “returning-to-college” woman going to a 4 year college planning to major in a STEM field.
    ~  two SUNY Albany females who participated in the AAUW sponsored ELECT HER training and will be going to the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL). Ongoing  

    Branch Garage Sale – proceeds for EF, LAF, and Community Projects          Ongoing

    Candidates Forum – Co-Sponsored with the League of Women Voters. Candidates running for office have the opportunity to present their positions to the public Forums were held in four districts.   Ongoing

    Contributed financially to the taping of these 4 forums which were televised on our 2 local TV stations.   Ongoing

    Capital District Election Service – Branch members collected election results from area polling places and called the results to the Capital District Election Service. They in turn provided the information to the media. We were paid for our participation and we donated the money to the League of Women Voters to help offset the cost of the filming of the 4 Candidates Forums.   Ongoing

    Children’s Play – submit grant applications to Stewart’s and Schenectady County Initiatives for money to sponsor live professional to elementary school students.  Ongoing

    Donations to Local Organizations Ongoin

    Fundraising for LAF and EOF – Interest and Study Group participation in for a LAF Convention Donation, Garage Sale and Niska-Day.  Ongoing

    Niska-Day – community event in which AAUW has a table and an area to sell perennials.  This event also gives us an opportunity to recruit new members. Proceeds from the perennial sale goes to LAF, EF and community projects.    Ongoing

    Schenectady Business and Professional Women’s Organization – participation in their Network to Connect meeting. As a result of that meeting partnerships will be established for future programs and projects.

    Take Me to Vote Program – partnered with the League of Women Voters to provide local elementary schools with this program.   Ongoing